Aprons-Part one

At last, here is a look at what we have been doing lately! This one of the reasons why I have not been post recently. =) Hopefully, I will be able to remedy that soon.

Both of the aprons below are size small






This is an extra large


The one and only half apron. =)



Comment and let me know what your favorite one is!


Pictures taken by Liz Anderson Photography View her blog here.

Denim Bag

First, I cut two pieces of material a little bit wider and taller than I wanted it to make room for seam allowance. I sewed a 1/4 inch seam on three of the sides.

Emily cam feb 003

Next, I cut a piece for a pocket. I cut mine 14 inches wide and six inches long. I sewed a rolled hem along the top.

Emily cam feb 004

After that, I sewed three sides to form a little bag. I sniped the corners to make it lay better.

Emily cam feb 005

Then I attached it to the bag. I unintentionally made a double pocket because I sewed it on by only attaching three of the sides.

Emily cam feb 007

Then came the straps. I cut them twice as wide as I wanted them and folded a 1/4 inch amount all the way down them and folded them in half.

Emily cam feb 009

Emily cam feb 008

I sewed a small seam down the open side. This method is easier than turning the straps right side out but that method would work just as well.

The lining came next. I sewed three of the sides together leaving a three inch gap along the bottom.

Emily cam feb 010

I then attached the lining straps and the outer part of the bag together.

Emily cam feb 011

Emily cam feb 012

After that, turn it right side out through the slit left in the lining.

Emily cam feb 013

I then stitched up the slit in the bottom of the lining.

Emily cam feb 014

Iron it so it lays right. the sew a top stitch along the top to keep the lining from coming out.

Emily cam feb 015

The finished product!

Emily cam feb 017


Curtains for the girls room

A couple months ago, we got a whole bolt of pink gingham for curtains in the girls room.

First, I took the existing curtains and measured the gingham to them cutting a little more to make them longer.

I also cut off the finished edges.

Emily's Camera 1 091

Then I did a rolled hem on both sides and the bottom.

Emily's Camera 1 092

Then I did a pocket on the top and sewed a seam to make the double pocket.

Emily's Camera 1 094

Emily's Camera 1 095

The first one took me 2 hours but the time got shorter every curtain. 😉


David’s Birthday Cake

On December 27th 2013, David turned 5 years old. He wanted a variety of things on his cake, but finally we settled on one.

Emily's Camera 1 051

I don’t know if you can see it but the car says 4 sale. =)

Emily's Camera 1 052

Emily's Camera 1 050

Hope you enjoy!


Christmas Presents


I have been SO busy that I haven’t had time to post anything. Hopefully I will be able to keep up now.

Here are some of the Christmas presents I made.

This is a present I made for  my Dad. It is a Calender. Here are a few pages that I liked.

Emily's Camera 1 021

Emily's Camera 1 020

Emily's Camera 1 018

Now here is Elizabeth’s and Isabelle’s Christmas presents. Fingerless gloves are SO cute!

These are Isabelle’s

Emily's Camera 1 097

These are Lizzy’s.

Emily's Camera 1 100

This is my Mom’s present. It is a table scarf made out of cloth yoyos.

I think it has 40 yoyos.

Emily's Camera 1 026

Hope you enjoyed this.


Baking with the kids

Here are some pictures of some of the things the kids have been baking and decorating lately.

Here are some cute little cakes we decorated. They are just stacked oreos with frosting on them.

Emily's craft things for blog 005edited

Emily's craft things for blog 014edited

This is a cookie that David made me. It is SO cute. =D

Emily's craft things for blog 015edited

Here is picture of Annamae’s Birthday cake. She turned seven on December 12th. =D

She wanted an ice cream shop on the top so I used little people we had for it.

Annamae's birthday and other things 072edited

Annamae's birthday and other things 073edited

Hope you like this post!